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Private Prison Guards Face Drug Trafficking Charges

Private Prison Guards Face Drug Trafficking Charges
February 14, 2005
Stark Raven News

A prison guard at Central North Correctional Centre has been charged with drug-trafficking.

He is charged with selling cocaine and marijuana inside the privately run superjail. This is the second guard at this prison in the past year to face drug-related charges. The prison administration would not say how long the prison guard has been employed, nor what his employment status is after the charges were filed.

A government spokesperson said that it is up to the private management company to deal with the situation and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services would not be getting involved.

The Central North Correctional Centre holds 1500 prisoners.   It is Canada's first privately run adult prison.   It is located in Penataguishine in southern Ontario.  

The prison is run by a private American company, Management and Training Corporation. MTC's 5 year contract to run the prison expires in November 2006. It is not yet known whether the Ontario Liberal government will renew the contract.

Source: Citizens Against Private Prisons
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