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Quebec To Build New Prison with Private Corporate Interests

Stark Raven News
Nov 5, 2004

The Quebec Government is preparing to build a prison with a public-private partnership.

The provincial jail would be located just south of Montreal.   It could hold 500 prisoners sentenced to two years or less in jail.

The Quebec Liberal government plans to pass legislation to create an agency to handle public-private partnerships before the end of 2004.   It is unclear if the new prison will also be operated by a private prison company.

There is currently only one privately run prison in Canada.   Central North Correctional Centre is a 1500 bed prison in Penetanguishene Ontario. It is run by U.S.-based Management Training Company.   Its five year contract expires in 2006.

Stark Raven will have more information on this possible Quebec private prison as it surfaces in the weeks and months to come.

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