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Privatization of Property Management of BC Prisons

Stark Raven News
May 3, 2004.

A private company is taking over property management of British Columbia's prisons.

Concerns have been raised that this starts the movement toward U.S.-style prison privatization.

Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls has taken over property management services from the B.C. Building Corporation. The BC Building Corporation is the real-estate wing of the provincial government.

This contract covers almost half of the B.C. government's real estate arm and includes 10 provincial prisons. The management service will operate under the name Workspace Solutions Incorporated.

The deal does not change who guards prisoners.

The contract does cover general building maintenance such as cleaning and changing lightbulbs. It also extends to specialized equipment in prisons including monitoring systems and alarms.

B.C. Solicitor General Rich Coleman says that privatization of prisons is not being discussed in government circles.

The BC Liberal government has already made cutbacks to BC prisons, closing almost all of the minimum and medium prisons. They have also privatized provincial prison healthcare and food services.

Source: Citizens Against Private Prisons