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Inadequate Healthcare at Ontario's Private Prison

Three people died last year while in custody of the private prison in Ontario, while complaints about healthcare inside the prison continue.

Questions remain as to the reasons behind the death of Jeffrey Elliott. He died in August, a few weeks after receiving a cut on his hand. His family is considering launching a lawsuit about the medical neglect they feel Jeffrey experienced. An inquest into Jeffrey’s death, and into the death of another prisoner, Joseph Balog, are expected later this year. An inquest into the death of Lorne Thaw, 50, will be held in February.

Dr. McNamara, the former head of ER at a nearby hospital, has been critical of the healthcare inside the prison since it opened in 2001. He says that patients coming to the hospital from the prison are admitted far later than they should be, have received sometimes inappropriate care and are not receiving adequate follow up. He says he has seen almost no improvements, even after several meetings with the prison administration and the government.

Central North Correctional Centre is a 1500 bed prison in Penetanguishene Ontario. It is the first major privately run prison in Canada and is run by U.S.-based Management Training Company.

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