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National Security Certificate Prisoner Denied Bail, Facing Deportation

March 8, 2004.
Stark Raven News

A National Security Certificate prisoner was denied bail and is facing deportation. Mahmoud Jaballah is an Egyptian refugee who has been held on secret "evidence" without charge or bail since August, 2001. He has been held, often in solitary confinement, at Metro West Detention Centre in Toronto.

Mahmoud faces deportation to Egypt, where he faces substantial risk of imprisonment, torture or death. The Canadian Government acknowledges this, and is still going ahead with a deportation order.

The Toronto based group, Campaign to Stop Secret Trials In Canada, says the Federal Government in Clear Violation of its Signed Commitments Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

There are currently 5 Muslim men who have been detained without charge, on secret evidence neither they nor their lawyers are allowed to see.

All are asking for disclosure of the secret evidence and the opportunity to face an open trial. Absent that, they and their supporters have called for their immediate release.

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