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Harsh Prison Conditions for Pregnant Woman

A young pregnant woman endured harsh prison conditions in Ontario while awaiting bail review.

The woman was forced to sleep on a thin mattress on the floor of a prison cell for more than a month. She and another woman were held in a cell designed for one. She was also not given sufficient bed covers to remain warm.

She was being held at the Vanier Centre for Women which is at the same site as the Maplehurst mega jail in Milton, Ontario.

The woman and her lawyer both tried to have her prison condiitons changed without any success.

The judge in the case called the situation -"A shocking deprivation of human rights....When prisoners of war are guaranteed ... conditions superior to those of a presumptively innocent individual in pre-trial custody, the administration of justice is embarrassed and civil rights turned upside down,"

The woman was released following the bail review.

Story Source: Cell Count, publication of PASAN