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Newfoundland Premier Has Personal Investments in Private Prison Company

Newfoundland’s new Conservative Premier Danny Williams' is under fire for some of his personal investments. The premier's portfolio includes shares in Wackenhut Corrections Corp. Wackenhut runs prisons for profit in the United States .Wackenhut has been praised by Fortune magazine.

The private prison company has been criticized by community activists, as well as by Amnesty International for inhumane prison conditions. Union and community activists are wondering whether Danny Williams will consider privately run prisons.

There is currently one privately run prison in Canada in Penatanguishine, Ontario. Central North Correctional Centre is Canada’s first privately run prison. The 1500 bed superjail U.S.-based Management Training Company.


For more information on the Central North Correctional Centre, go to Citizens Against Private Prisons.

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"Wackenhut's Free Market in Human Misery"
By Gregory Palast