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3 Separate Prisoner Deaths Under Investigation

Questions are being raised about the death of a prisoner in a federal prison in New Brunswick. Kevin Whynder was killed at the Renous prison 2 weeks ago.

Guards raised safety concerns about Kevin's transfer from segregation back into the general prison population. The same day he was released from segregation, he was killed.

Whynder was serving a life sentence and moved through the prison system during his sentence. In 2000, he was in a B.C. prison when he and another prisoner applied to the Federal Court of Canada for special protection. They said they were worried for their safety during visiting times at the B.C. prison. The prison allowed visitors, special-custody prisoners, and the general prison population to share the same visiting area at the same time. The Federal Court of Canada dismissed the application for special protection, ruling that it was based on speculation and opinion.

Corrections officials refuse to talk about the case saying the RCMP and the institution haven't finished their investigation. RCMP officers arrested three prisoners, but no charges have been laid. Investigations are also occuring in two other prisoner deaths.

Last month, a 58-year-old man was found unconscious in his prison cell at Stony Mountain Institution, north of Winnipeg. The man had been in prison for 34 years. His name has not been released. The prison, the coroner and the police are all investigating.

The B.C. Corrections branch has promised a full investigation after a woman was found dead in her cell at the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women in late October. The cause of death is currently unknown.