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BC Closing Youth Jail in Kamloops

Stark Raven News
Jan 19, 2004

The British Columbia Liberals are closing a youth jail near Kamloops.

The High Valley Youth Correctional Facility centre holds young people from ages 12 to 17. Youth jails fall under the Ministry of Children and Families. This closure is not referenced in the ministry service plan, emphasizing the haphazard and unplanned nature of the cuts.

It is unclear where the youth from the closed facility will be going.

The Boulder Bay and Centre Creek Custody centers in the Lower Mainland and the Lakeview Youth Custody facility in Campbell River have all been closed in the last year and a half.

The government has also cut the value of contracted-out community youth justice programs by $500,000. Community justice programs are often used as an alternative to court and/or incarceration.

Canada has one of the highest rates of youth incarceration in the world.