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Questions Remain Surrounding Death in Private Prison in Ontario

Questions remain as to the reasons behind the death of Jeffrey Elliott. He died 2 months ago, while in custody of the private prison in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Jeffrey was serving a one-year sentence for robbery. He called his family from the Penetanguishene jail in early August. He told them that another prisoner had attacked him with a meat cleaver and that his hand was cut very badly. The province claims that the cut on the hand came from the food hatch on his jail cell on Aug 1. Jeffrey’s family was not notified that he had become gravely ill until he was airlifted to Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital in the end of August, weeks after the incident. He died of blood poisoning at the hospital shorty afterward. The family of the 20 year old want to how Jeffrey’s cut hand led to his death. The coroner's office and the local Ontario Provincial Police are investigating Jeffrey’s death. This is standard procedure when a prisoner dies. Central North Correctional Centre is Canada’s first privately run prison. The 1500 bed superjail U.S.-based Management Training Company.

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Source: The Toronto Star