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National Security Cerificate Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike

Hassan Almrei is a 29-year-old Syrian refugee claimant who has been held on the national security certificate for 2 years. Hassan recently ended a 39 day hunger strike with the demand of adequate heat in his cell. He went to court over the issue. He was satisfied with the guarantee that heat would be provided in his cell throughout the winter at the Metro West Detention Centre in Toronto. He is being held in solitary confinement, without charge or bail. Neither he nor his lawyer is allowed to see any evidence against him. On this basis, he could be deported to Syria, where, according to Amnesty International, he will face torture and execution. His next court date is November 24.

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New Website with Information on 5 Muslim Men being held on the National Security Certificate

Mohamed Harkat has been in jail in Ottawa, Canada since December 10, 2002 without any charges under a "security certificate" signed by Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Denis Coderre and Solicitor General Wayne Easter and faces deportation to Algeria. For what? He is not allowed to know under the pretext of "national security." This site is dedicated to telling the world about Mohamed Harkat and about four other men similarly arrested and detained under the power of security certificates: Mohammad Majoub, Mahmoud Jaballah, Hassan Almrei and Adil Charkaoui.