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Inquests Release Recommendations After Jail Suicides

Stark Raven News
June 8, 2004

Two separate inquests into suicides inside jails released their recommendations.

A coroner's jury has made two major recommendations following the suicide death of Larry Senko.

He hanged himself while in custody at the medium-security remand unit at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. Senko was found him hanging from a vent.

The first recommendation is to move air vents closer to the floor. The jury also recommended the centre review its suicide watch policies.


In another inquest into a suicide, more recommendations were delivered.

The inquest was looking into the death of a young aboriginal woman, Amy Patles. She hanged herself in a the police jail in Miamichi, New Brunswick last year.

The recommendations include better supervision of prisoners and suicide prevention courses for police and prison guards. They also recommended that an addiction counsellor should always be available upon incarceration of an individual with a known drug history.

Miramichi's new detention centre opened one week after Patles died.

The presiding coroner also recommended that a screening questionnaire for risk of suicide be developed and adopted as part of the booking process by police agencies.